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Grand Reopening of Jiahua Stores’ Songgang Store

  Jiahua Stores Holdings Limited (“Jiahua Stores” or “the Group”, stock code: 00602 H.K.) is pleased to announce the grand reopening of its Songgang Store on 1 May 2010, which is located at Baoan District in Shenzhen. The reopening has increased the Group’s stores competency, indicating a further expansion of its sales network.
  The newly reopened Songgang Store has aimed at the age beteen 18 to 40, the core consumer group of this area, situated at Songgang region in Baoan District, which is closed to the major transportation links at nearby area. The store principally runs the supermarket section and department section and sells variety of foods, household products and famous brand clothing and house appliances. The Jiahua Stores successfully acquired a dominant share in the retail market in Shenzhen, further strengthening the Group’s leading position in the industry.