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Baijiahua Ranked among China’s Top 100 Chain Stores
  According to China Chain Store & Franchise Association, Shenzhen Baijiahua Department Stores Company Limited, a subsidiary of Jiahua Stores Holdings Limited., was accredited as one of 2009 China’s Top 100 Chain Stores, with approximately RMB1715.95 million sales volume, an increase of approximately 9.8% over last year, and 20% incensement to 18 stores. This award marked the company’s five consecutive year of entrance to this list.      
  Reportedly, the top 100 companies’ sales volume totaled to approximately RMB 1360 billion, with a consecutive increase of 13.5% over last year. These companies together have more than 137,000 stores in 2009, with increment of 18.9% over last year. And the Top 100 companies take up approximately 11% of the amounts of the china social retail consumption, with almost equal to that of 2008.